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Festival Decoration Light

2 Main Types

Normal String Lights

Atmosphere Light

Normal String Lights

—Flexible Curtain Lights with USB

  • Item No.: XD-NSL-6
  • Color: White / Warm white
  • Size(cm): 300*300,
  • USB: 5V
  • Net Weight(g): 180g
  • Waterproofing Grade: IP67
  • Lamp Source: 0603 lamp, Sanan Chip
  • Lamp Number: 300 (10 strings,30 LED/ each string)
  • Packing Size (cm)/ Number: 30*36*32/box and 50 pcs/ box

There are string lights with battery and high voltage as well, variety of sizes, colors and shapes, please contact us to get more product information

Atmosphere Light

—Firecracker Light

Item No.: XD-AL-13

Color: Warm White

Size: 3 Meter (Long)

Voltage: 30V

Power Source: 30V/7.2w/UL

Light Source: LED

Number of LED Lamp: 400

Control Model: 8 functions

Working Life: 1000 h

There are more kinds of decorative lights, such as pineapple , star shape,   variety of sizes and color , please contact us to get more products information.

—Umbrella Light with Cell Box

Item No.: XD-AL-14

Color: Warm White/Blue/White/Multicolor

Size(cm): 800*130, down-lead 30

Waterproofing Grade: IP67

Lamp Source: 0603 lamp, Sanan Chip

Number of LED Lamp: 104(8 strings, 13 LED/each string)

Control Way: Infrared Remote (on-off/timed/ adjust brightness)

Packing Size(cm): 53*22*49/box, 100pcs/box

Packing Weight(kg): 12.1/box